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Customer Service Agreements

Unique Support for Unique Customers

Customer Support Agreements (CSAs) are one of the most cost-effective ways of reducing expense, disruption, and loss of revenue caused by engine downtime. CSAs ensure that maintenance and repairs are completed by our Thompson Marine highly skilled technicians and allow you more time to tend to your business. The more comprehensive the CSA, the greater the benefits. Tests have proven that with CSAs, engine operating time is significantly increased. Your engines run longer, productivity rises, and potential revenue increases.

Choosing the Right CSA for Your Needs


An Inspection CSA includes scheduled, highly specialized technical and visual inspections of your engines. Minor adjustments are made during the inspection and you receive full diagnostic reports for each engine, as well as a list of recommended preventive actions.


A Preventive Maintenance (PM) CSA can cover all Caterpillar or MaK engines regardless of age and usage hours. With a PM CSA, Thompson Marine takes responsibility for all maintenance on a specified engine, based on the service intervals prescribed in the Operations and Maintenance manual. A PM CSA gives you extra flexibility when arranging your repair schedules and can help you reduce labor overtime charges. Your maintenance costs per hour are known in advance, making it easier to plan your expenditures.


A Total Maintenance & Repair (TM&R) CSA provides complete coverage for new Caterpillar or MaK engines. All maintenance and repair is placed in the hands of Thompson Marine, so you have greater confidence in your engines’ reliability and complete control over costs. A TM&R CSA means an end to the uncertainties of arranging and undertaking repair and maintenance, leaving highly skilled technicians to take care of everything. TM&R CSAs are extremely flexible. For example, you can choose the duration of the agreement and the payment option that works best for you.

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