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C9.3 Marine Generator Set

C9.3 ACERT genset packages with heat exchanger or keel cooling are available with60 Hertz ratings of 250 ekW (313 kVA) and 300 ekW (375 kVA) and 50 Hz ratings of 200 ekW (250 kVA) and 250 ekW (313 kVA). Radiator cooled gen sets are with 60 Hz ratings of 224 ekW (280 kVA) and 274 ekW (343 kVA) and 50 Hz ratings of 185 ekW (231 kVA) and 235 ekW (294 kVA). The C9.3 propulsion, auxiliary, and generator set engines have a common rail fuel system for optimal combustion and lower emissions. Cooling system options for the propulsion and auxiliary engines include heat exchanger with sea water aftercooling, and keel with combined circuit or separate circuit aftercooling. The genset packages are available with heat exchanger, keel, or radiator cooling. These products are EPA Tier 3 and IMO II certified. In addition the propulsionengine ratings are EU Stage IIIA certified and auxiliary and gen sets are also CCNR Stage II certified.

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Generator Set Specifications

Engine Specifications

Generator Specifications

Generator Set Dimensions

Standard Equipment

    Optional Equipment

    • Air System
      • Air cleaner with integrated fumes disposal
    • Control System
      • Extension harnesses, MCS controller (MGCP III B, MGCP II), EMCP 4.2 control panel
    • Generators & Generator Attachments
      • RH or LH service, RTD module, potential transformer, power analyzer module, extension box, generator oversizing, IP44
    • Fuel System
      • Double wall fuel lines, manual or electric priming pump, simplex or duplex primary fuel filter, simplex or duplex secondary and tertiary fuel filter
    • Lube System
      • Simplex or duplex oil filter, manual sump pump and oil drain
    • Starting System
      • 24V electric starting motor, air starting motor, jacket water heater, charging alternator
    • Protection System
      • SOLAS fuel and oil shielding; safety shutdowns for low oil pressure, high water temperature, and overspeed
    • Marine Classification Society (mcs) Approval –
      • ABS, BV, DNV, LR, GL, PRS, RINA, CCS, RS
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